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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Series

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The short game description:

oh, oh, oh! Yu-Gi-Oh!
My own! My precious! My super gaming series Yu-Gi-Oh!...The game features a rich array of bizarre creatures that showcase their strength, skills and power.They can distort the space. They can Unite in new forms, steal, spy, dig. They can enchant the universe (well your playing card). They can turn your opponent's head while you just hop. They can swim, sail around the space of primordial darkness, or blend in with nature. Of course they bring with them cataclysms and devastation or healing.

You will collect cards from your duels, participate in prize tournaments, fight to be a champion. You will discover the wonderful world of Yugimuto, whose cards carry their own spirit and the game is incomparable to any other.

This is the first, ageless, refined classic King of this genre of (TCG) games. Please thousand greetings Yu-Gi Muto and his Hero Festival.
The game is present with its interactive atmosphere. Different development paths and an interactive, futuristic city. This is a world entirely dedicated to dueling TCG cards.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is more like the original Yugi series. In fact - changed graphics with the same rules and the ability to play with contenders from around the world. 

Minimum system requirements:
OS - Windows 10 Home (64bit)
Memory - 4 GB
Grafic Card - Intel-R HD Graphics 4000
CPU - Intel Core i3-3210
- Need DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card

- Broadband Internet connection

 Installation instrucions : Download from Steam an play directly.
This game has been created by Konami.

One of Konami's most popular games for PC and Android - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
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