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KARDS - The WWII Card Game
1939 WWII

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For every avid CCG Battle Card fan, it will be a real challenge to collect your unique deck of cards and take them to the battlefields of the world wars. Kards is a free game that you can play online.

Iceland is a land of ice and hot springs. Pragmatic, well-organized world. The studio there offers us an offer that will fill the world of TCG games.

Kards: original game scenario! Here you will not find magic or mysticism, nor magical creatures or orcs. Dragons, ha! probably the skeletons of every dinosaur. Power amulets, wow!? Take this helmet and hope that the steel is strong.

The world is a war: KARDS: The WWII Card Game

Kards: The game will take you to World War II. Your cards will be armed with the greatest, most legendary, and most real achievements of human genius of that time. The creaking of a chain, the rumble of shells, the hum of the American P-51 Mustang, and the howl of the German Ju 87 Stuka Junkers. The whole superhuman and modern arsenal at that time will be provided to you. Through it, you will complete your tactics and take down the power of the enemy. The game contains, as eligible factions, the main military forces in the war. Once you choose a country, you will also get its main benefits. These are unique elements that are not typical of others. These are a number of technical and scientific achievements, political doctrines, or cultural characteristics that had an impact on the course of the war. You will be able to combine and group them so that they bring you victory.

Minimum system requirements:
Memory - 4gb
Grafic Card - NVIDIA GeForce 510
CPU - Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz or 
AMD Phenom II X4 910e
Need DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card


 Installation instrucions : Download from Steam an play directly.
This game has been created by 1939Games.com.

A great game that we can call a super production will delight the fans. Free to download - free to play.
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