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Storm Wars CCG | APK and BSe-PC

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Short game description

Here is a fairly undemanding game in terms of system requirements, but it offers a very high quality gaming experience. This is the Storm Wars CCG, which is part of the free assortment of the Google Play Store.
The game does offer some items to purchase that could make your gameplay easier but they are optional. All the necessary qualities to become a Storm Wars champion are present. Only your correct tactical play will matter for your victories.
Although we present this game to you as an Android application, it is also present as an online browsing game. It is offered on the pages of the Kongerate website and you can play it directly without installation.
Thanks to the Blue Staks emulator, you will be able to play Storm Wars on Windows computers as well.
The story is interesting. A mystical world of trolls, orcs and elves, where all the mythical creatures and human heirs of Atlantis have gathered. The people there are led by the mythical warrior Laertes.
You have to properly assemble your army and organize it in proper order. This is mainly because the battles are automatic. They are very spectacular, but nevertheless they flow mechanically. Thus, it will be essential to assemble a suitable and well-equipped deck of cards.
In addition to playing against IA, the game also provides duels organized in the CCG Storm Wars tournament. There you will be able to test your tactical skills against decks of cards arranged by other participants.

Windows PC solutions :
If you want to play Storm Wars on PC you can first download Blue Stacks emulator on your windows devices and then through it download the game from google play store.
 Download Blue Stacks 4

 Installation instrucions : APK.
This game has been created by © 2020 Monumental, LLC.

Well friends Storm Wars is an addictive CCG game for Android or PC Through the Blue Stacks emulating platform.
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