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✔️Pokemon TCG Online - Download〖Android, PC, MAC〗

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Brief description of the The Horus Heresy Legions Trading Card Game (TCG) :

We all remember the wonderful stories of Pocachu and his trainer Ash Ketchum, also known as Satoshi. Their adventures in the tournament world are endless. Apart from the many anime and comics, the story is gaining popularity in the gaming world as well.
Virtual or board, Pokemon characters are becoming an increasingly integral part of the gaming culture of our time. Thus, the interactive models come to life for us and we can immerse ourselves more and more deeply in this wonderful world.
Thanks to The Pokémon Company International, Nintendo characters from the Pokémon story come to life in a card game.

Pokemon TCG Online is a Trading Card Game that performs very well in this highly competitive genre.
The advantages are many. From a well-built platform suitable for Windows, Mac and Android to many different game modes with stable support and regular updates. The game is free and you can get it after downloading and simple installation.

The system requirements are not high, but you need to use a broadband Internet connection.

The game is available for Windows, Android and MAC.

Windows PC
Minimum system requirements:
OS - Windows 7

Memory - 4 GB
Free Disk Space - 6 GB

CPU - Intel Core i3, AMD Phenom II 
Video Card - AMD Radeon HD 6770
Additional - Broadband Internet Connection
- DirectX10 

Minimum system requirements:
OS - MAC OS 10.11+
Processor - Intel Core i3, AMD Phenom II
Video Card - AMD Radeon HD 6770
Memory - 4 GB
Free Disk Space - 6 GB

Additional - Broadband Internet Connection

Minimum system requirements:
Android 4.2
Tablet - Need
Processor - Quad Core 1.5 GHz
OpenGL - 2.0 or later
Storage - 6 GB 
Additional - Broadband Internet Connection

 Installation instrucions : Download => Use the built-in installer to install the game automatically.
This game has been created by The Pokémon Company International!

Wonderfully! You will find Pikachu and the other original Pokemon characters in this TCG.
Free to Download - Free to Play. Pokemon TCG Online!
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