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Card Heroes CCG | Play on Android, MAC and PC
Blizzard's HearthStone for All of Us!

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You must want to play Card Heroes. As long as you're an avid CCG player, this game will impress you right away. Seemingly, the common part starts out like any other MMO online or browser game. The logistics part and the collection of resources are also handled like most online MMORPGs we know.
However, the duels and the actual part of the game are what makes it different.
The cards are arranged according to the character of the heroes.
Mele - Mighty fighters, Ranged - Archers or Suport - Mages. The upgrade tree includes a complex system that affects your character's overall attributes. Level, Evolution, Quality. These different aspects of a character determine their general combat characteristic. Some of your units may have a low level but a high and valuable quality which makes them powerful in combat and compatible with other high level cards.
In addition, you will also have several different scrolls that have magic spells that you can use to fight.
Among other things, the maps are very well animated. In the good old style of lead soldiers. This means that you will not be handing out rectangular coupons on the battlefield, but you will be lining up real, fearsome troopers.
Duels in the game Card Heroes are fought in a deck of four heroes who are on the battlefield at the same time and test their endurance and skills.
You won't be bored, because in addition to the built-in "adventure" mode that you play against IA, there are several other modes where you will be able to test your skills against real opponents. These are Arena battles where you can fight for silver and gold, as well as the famous Tournament of Glory where you will also receive experience.
Apart from this, the game also offers monthly tournaments where the best fighters and their clans will be able to engage in an epic competition.

Well that was the short description of Card Heroes collectible card game.
Basically it's an Android and MAC game, but through the Blue Staks emulator you'll be able to play it directly on your PC Windows devices as well.

Minimum system requirements:
OS -Android / MAC / Windows® 10 via BlueStacks

Download BlueStack 5 to Play Card Heroes on Windows PC!

An excellent CCG that you can also play on Windows PC using BlueStacks !
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