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⭐👉 Vendetta Super Recargado OpenBoR

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Ah, Mr. Pablo M. Vera, you made the gamers and fans of OpenBoR very happy! Just amazing and long-awaited. Game and new remake of well-known Vendetta series produced by Konami back in 1991. Wonderful combination with complete renovation and improvement of existing elements. New background and a new story. The abilities of the characters Blood, Hawk, Marcus Boomer, and Sledge have also been improved. Now they have learned new grips and improved their fighting techniques. This makes them much more attractive fighters, which contributes a lot to gamers getting modern and interesting gameplay.
But Pablo M. Vera's OpenBoR project is not limited to just that. With the Vendetta Super Recargado game, you will get four additional expansions, which are separate games in their nature. These are Double Dragon, where you will play an enriched remake of Double Dragon but with the characters of Vendetta. Master Mod and El Gugante Metaliko are next. For all of you who go through these games, there is another additional and very exciting extra stage.
Well, Vendetta Super Recargado is a damn good game, and we should definitely rank it among the top achievements of the OpenBoR community in its drive to create exciting games and new projects.
You must try this game.

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Developers: Pablo M. Vera [Game Forum]
Developer:  Pablo's [YouTube Channel]
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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