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⭐👉 Urban Lockdown

We all know where Australia is. An interesting faraway land, but one that comes closer to us all thanks to actors like this one. Andrew Tacher is an Australian amateur game developer who uses the OpenBoR engine for his creations. Maybe you all know one of his games, like Alien Survival or Evil Dead Redux. Now we can present you with another game of his Urban Lockdown.
A very avant-garde approach, perhaps inspired by the Mortal Kombat game of the recent past. The characters here aren't drawn; they're scanned, and you'll also find a few final accents.
The author has brought into the game, as the main characters, his real friends. And for the main character, you can assume that it is himself.
It's Urban Lockdown; it starts out unassuming and a little boring, but after a while, it starts to get pretty interesting. Rifles, grenades, anti-personnel mines, trucks, live fighters, and whatnot. Gradually, the game goes from a classic beat 'em up to a frontal shooter.
An excellent raid in which you have to make your way to the exit of the city. Also added are several finishing moves that closely resemble those from Mortal Kombat.
Well, if you're a fan of power twisters with horror elements, then you should definitely try Urban Lockdown.

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Developers: Thatcher Productions [Gamejolt Account]

Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game
License of OpenBoR: Free
License of the Game: Paid 
Status: Ready to Play

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