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Super Mario Brawl by SEEP

You know SEEP - Great games from Italy that are built on the OpenBoR engine. In time, the world was enriched with a significant number of their games.
Here is this one, which we will present to you, is the work of the two brothers from Italy.
Super Mario Brawl is an ideal PC game for entertainment.
Complete eight stages that will take you to the castle of Rey Koopa (Bowser) where he has kidnapped the princess Peach.
This time the game is built in the legendary Beat 'em up style, which makes it a really real novelty in the world of Super Mario.
In Super Mario Brawl, you will be able to use all the familiar tools, but now the action will take you to a 3D spatial wide world to walk around. Especially since Mario is now a real fighter. He can jump on his opponents, punch, kick or shoot them with his fireballs.
The game is fun and will appeal to fans. You can download it from the provided links and play.

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Author: SEEP
Author's YouTube Channel and Facebook page 
Engine: OpenBoR
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to play

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