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Rhythm of Destruction 2 - Red Festive Edition

Beats of Rage 2 [Rhythm of Destruction2]

Ok - you know one of the most popular series of OpenBoR - Rhythm of Destruction 2. In its essence, it is a continuation of the game Beats of Rage, in which new characters and a new plot have been added.
It is also one of the series that has the most remakes.
So now we present you a December festival set, a total of 9 of the King of Fighters characters are presented, and the game also provides multiplayer. The new stages are selected in a winter festive decor. The final boss is Chang Koehan who is now disguised as Santa Claus. Instead of a sack of gifts, however, he holds his famous metal ball with which he knocks out opponents.

This download includes a bundle of two games:
- Rhythm of Destruction 2 - Red Festive Edition
- Rhythm of Destruction 2 - Red Edition Original
Well the game is great - play and enjoy.

Author: the Guys from OpenBoR Society

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