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Mega Man: Power Adventure [OpenBoR]

You won't believe what game I found while poking around the web.
I actually found this gem on the OpenBoR forum - Chronocrash.com. As you know, this is the home from which good fan games that we all play originate.
The game I discovered is called ''Mega Man: Power Adventure'' and is still in its Beta version. However, the superior qualities are already on the face.
A true extravaganza that will fascinate its fans - lovers of Beat 'em up, action and adventure in the Mega Man universe.

The game offers a total of 4 different game modes which by their very nature are expansions to the original game.
Story mod - the main game where you will follow the adventures of Mega Man and his companions in an attempt to stop the out of control robot of Dr. Wily - Ra-Moon. This new doctor's toy is out of control and threatens to destroy everyone.
The adventure is guaranteed, and the gameplay will appeal to even the most demanding of you.
Selectable characters for Story mode are: Mega Man, Proto Man, Guts Man, Bass, Duo, Heat Man, Cut Man, Tomahawk Man and Ice Man, Roll, Pharaoh Man, Tornado Man, Splash Woman, Quake Woman, Vesper Woman, Neo Metol, Fan (from Rockman Super Adventure), Elec Man, Piano and Wood Man.
Additional characters in MEGA MAN KILLERS MODE are: Ballade, Enker, Punk, Waltz, Dr. Wily (Fake), Clown Man, Piano, Wood Man And Elec Man. King is tested to unlock after playing Robot Master Arena Mode.

Well, the game is amazingly interesting - Maega Man fans will play with a hidden spirit.
Extremely good ratings.

Author of the Game: jhfer + The special appearance of "O Ilusionista"


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