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Mapplevania by Nick Pizanias

Mapplevania is an old OpenBoR game with a medieval plot. Well animated cartoons and you guessed it mythical creatures and enchanted worlds.
A total of four cheerful characters will go on a journey through the medieval kingdom in search of new adventures. About an hour of fun gameplay that will appeal to avid gamers. They will take you to the lands of distant medieval Romania and the terrifying wonders of this strange world.
Although using one of the oldest versions of OpenBoR, the Mapplevania OpenBoR game is characterized by excellent quality, good synchronization and fun and dynamic gameplay. The many whimsical creatures are richly animated, and an engaging story is added to the gameplay. It will help you immerse yourself in the development of the game and complete the mission satisfied.

Author: Nick Pizanias and OpenBoR society

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