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Legend of Korr: Path of Destruction OpenBoR

It has not been long since we introduced you the game Legend of Korr OpenBoR and the author - Dj Showmaker brought us the new version 1.3 of the game.

As you know OpenBoR is a sprite based engine for driving 2D content and it is open source. Which means that anyone who wants to can bring their creativity and create something wonderful.

Well apart from being a DJ creating music, Dj Showmaker showed us his skills as a game creator as well.

The new version of his game also comes with a new title - Legend of Korr: Path of Destruction.
The game world is enriched. Added, new battlefields on the tactical map, new bosses and enemies. Also another new selectable character to play with.
You now have a choice, in addition to Korr's hero you will now be able to use Ki-Sha's hero character as well.
Ki-Sha is a barbarian whose fighting skills are equal to those of the hero Korr. Its colorful and attractive appearance make the game even more interesting.

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Author: @djshowmaker1354  [YouTube channel]
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game
Genre: Beat 'em Up
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play [Beta Demo]

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