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Kunio-Kun Renegade LA Remaster - Latest version

The legend of Kunio Kun and his exploits has been retold and expanded upon hundreds of times. Each time with new battles, a new hero, and new challenges that entice gamers and viewers to immerse themselves in this story,
And now, PU DU has brought us their new Legend of Kunio in the form of an OpenBoR game, and we've been quick to make it available for fans to download.

The latest version of Kunio-Kun Renegade LA_Remaster OpenBoR is ready, and you can download it here from this page. In it, we will also add any latest update or mod that the author, PU DU, has added to the game.

You know the game; the new fixes are mostly cosmetic, like improving the scenery and fixing some boss inaccuracies.

New in Kunio-Kun Renegade LA_Remaster OpenBoR v1.5 and what deserves more attention are FC Contra secret cheats.
Through them, you can unlock new secret characters to play with.

Instructions by Author

Hidden Cheats:

Complete the game (clearance) once in the second mode or above, after entering the "FC Contra" cheats, you can choose BOSS to use

After finishing the game (clearance) 2 times, press and hold the coin button (AddCredits) on the selection mode interface to select a level (this function is suitable for testing or challenges)

Keys: Attack key (ATTACK), Jump key (JUMP), Defense key (SPECIAL), Skill key 1 (SKILL-1), Skill key 2 (SKILL-2), Block key (BLOCK) , return key (ESC), start key (START), coin key (AddCredits)

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Author: PU DU [@pudu1487 - YouTube channel]
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game/Game
Genre: Beat 'em Up
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play 

Important:  For More Credits, press F12! [ 1 PRESS=ONE CREDIT ]
Unlock special characters: UP; UP; DOWN; DOWN; LEFT; RIGHT; LEFT; RIGHT; 

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