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The King of Fighters Zillion: Another Road

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Just another hit by OpenBoR! This is Felipe B. Silva's game. The King of Fighters Zillion: Another Road
A wonderful addition to the world of OpenBoR. As you know, these are Beat 'Em Up games, many of which are free to play.
Felipe B. Silva is one of the most prominent representatives of this guild, programming games for both OpenBoR and MUGEN.
And now he's taken our well-known The King of Fighters Zillion franchise out of MUGEN's fighting games and put it into OpenBoR's Beat 'Em Up Plain.
The game is perfect, and the OpenBoR engine that drives it conveys stability. It achieves maximum comfort in gameplay that will satisfy even the most demanding users among you.
As mentioned above, The King of Fighters Zillion Another Road puts the heroes of the tournament, also known as KoF, in the world of Beat Em Up, with large crowds and heavy and intense clashes against many enemies. At your disposal for selectable characters will be the characters Zangiev and Ryu Hoshi from Street Fighter. From the representatives of SNK and KoF, you will find Terry Bogard, Blue Mary, Kung Fu Girl, Cao Long, Lu Mei, and Sima-Li. They all form a team that will try to thwart the plans of the final boss, Gustav Munchausen. He tries to create super fighters through a series of experiments. In the finale, after Gustab is defeated, he connects with the mighty M. Bison, whose silhouette emerges from the shadows. The author promises that this will be the beginning of a new story in continuation of the current one.
So let's play this very interesting game and wait for its continuation from Felipe B. Silva.

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Developer: Felipe B. Silva [YouTube Channel]; Developer's GameJoelt Account
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game / Remix
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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