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Kunio-Kun Renegade LA_Remaster-v1.45

So, another amazingly good game we can present to you.
As you guessed, it's OpenBoR again and it's dedicated to one of the fan favorite series.
The story of Kunio Kun.
This is the Kunio-Kun Renegade Remaster 1.45 version produced by Pu-Du. This author from China already delighted us with the perfectly crafted game Ninja Warriors Again-RX and now it's his turn to exceed the audience's expectations once again with this new game of his.
You will notice a number of innovations in the gameplay. Several different super moves and the ability to collect your defeated opponents.
The story is standard, but after playing the game's Story Mode once, you'll be able to unlock both additional modes. These are Arcade Mode and RealGang Mode. Seven new characters have been added that will make the game more interesting.

Kunio-Kun Renegade LA_Remaster-v1.45 uses the standard OpenBoR V.3 engine console. However, it has some special features that you can find in the game's text files. Hidden cheats menu and credit bar. You won't be able to use the standard cheat menu to get infinite credit. Alternatively, you can use the add credit button, similar to mame. Each press of this button gives you new credit to continue your game.
Overall, this is a great free to play game, created by the OpenBoR Society.

For more CREDITS press the ´´button 1´´  or F12.

Kunio-Kun Renegade LA Remaster has neen produced by Pu Du and OpenBoR Society.

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