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The King of Fighters Beat 'em Up Ladies

On this page of our blog for Fighting OpenBor Games, you can directly download the King of Fighters Beat' Em Up Ladies game.

You already know Wordsmith, a great author who keeps making new OpenBoR games every week. The new game he presented on his YouTube channel is a classic remake of The King of Fighters Beat 'Em Up Plus [OpenBoR].
The new version of Wordsmith adds a tepative gear composition. All fighters at The King of Fighters Beat 'Em Up: Ladies are already represented only by the female composition included in the The Its King of Figchters tournament.
So now we have a choice of new 28 characters, including Mai, Athena, Heidern, Maki, The Tha King, etc. In addition, you will find another 128 new female characters in enemies.
The new characters added by Wordsmith look pretty weird and interesting.
However, let us keep in mind that good games are a joy for fans, and they enjoy high popularity.

Additional info
If you have the original game, just download the DATA FOLDER [348MB] and add it to the main directory of Kof Beat 'Em Up Plus. 

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Author: Wordsmith [YouTube channel] or Open Beats of Rage playthroughs [odysee.com] 

Engine: OpenBoR

Type: Game

Genre: Beat 'em Up

License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]

Status: Ready to Play

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