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Justice League Legacy

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Justice League Legacy-ZVITOR

Zvitor is one of the most generous and talented artists. We say generous and rich because his site Zvitor.com is like Santa's bag for OpenBoR fans - full of great gifts. As his game Justice League Legacy is an brilliant.
Zvitor's handwriting is unique and his works are unlike any other. Own animation, own projects and own approach to realizing your enterprises.
A wonderful animator who uses the OpenBoR engine to bring his paintings to life.
The Justice League Legacy series is one of his most ambitious projects. It is constantly updated and a number of new mods create new adventures for fans.
In fact, Justice League Legacy is a virtual console with as many as 8 different OpenBoR games for you to play with the superheroes of DC. 
All of them recreate a game story in which the DC superheroes are busy with their iconic group to deal with disasters. 
You will learn who they are by downloading the game or watching the video.
Once again, the story revolves around the adventures of the DC Super Heroes, with the addition of a chapter set in Wood Oak City, which we know well from the SEGA Streets of Rage franchise
Although we define Justice League Legacy as a classic classic beat 'em up type game, it alternates shooting, racing, 2D and 3D implementation of the gameplay.
Well, you can play to your heart's content because, like other games produced by OpenBoR societies, this one is also free.
You can visit and support Zvitor's work by visiting his site Zvitor.com


 Installation instrucions : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play 
This game has been created by Zvitor and OpenBoR Community.

One of the best games OpenBoR society can boast of.
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