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Infection - OpenBoR Game With Zombies

The studio once like vomitart Games created for us a great game of OpenBoR. Unfortunately, it remained as an extended demo version and there is still no finished version that we can present to you. However, the demo version looks great and you can test it. About 40 minutes of gameplay with lots of zombies and guns to shoot.
The plot is a typical beat 'em up action, which develops as a struggle for survival in a world full of zombies. To survive this uneven battle, you will be able to rely on bonuses that you find along the way, such as rifles, pistols or other items that you can use in battle.

The plot is standard for zombie movies, and the special thing here is that there are also zombified animals that are much stronger than people.
As mentioned above this is an OpenBoR game. Despite the fact that it uses one of the oldest versions of this engine, you can enjoy the excellent performance of this product.

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Author: Vomitart Games
Engine: OpenBoR
License: Free to Download - Free to Play
Status: Demo

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