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Chaotix Rage 3.4 OpenBoR

Chaotix Rage is one of the first games powered by OpenBoR.
Soon our friend and colleague, the streamer @Vangames, brought this one game to our attention, and we immediately rushed to present it for the fans to download.
Although the project remains in its beta demo, you will be amazed at how good this game looks and how interesting the gameplay is. (We have attached a demo gameplay from YouTube that you can watch.)
Game Compilation:
As you know, the OpenBoR community encourages the development of new projects, remixed game stories, and completely new games.
Created by DJGameFreakTheIguana, Chaotix Rage, on the other hand, is a typical remix built on the foundation and mechanics of Beats of Rage.
Game Story:
However, the story is completely new. The characters are replaced by those of Sonic the Hedgehog, although he himself does not participate in this adventure. You will find Victor the crocodile, Knuckle, Espio, Mighty, Charmy, Rai, and the adventurer Nack. The adventures of these secondary characters are no more uninteresting than those involving Sonic the Hedgehog. On the contrary, they will take you all the way to the streets of Wood Oak City. You will leave the familiar world of the main game, where the evil Doctor Eggman rules, and you will go to a trial called Chaotix Street.

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Author: DJGameFreakTheIguana [YouTube]
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game/Remix
Genre: Beat 'em Up
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play [DEMO]

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Presented By @Vangames1 YouTube channel
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