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⭐👉 Briga de Rua 2: Vanessa OpenBoR

On this page of our Free OpenBoR Game Store, you can download the game Briga de Rua 2: Vanessa directly and quickly.

Briga de Rua 2: Vanessa is a wonderful game by Nosbor, and is part of the OpenBoR trilogy in the Beat 'em Up genre.
The Briga de Rua Trilogy by Nosbor features a series of some of the rarest games for OpenBoR. We've found them the hard way, scattered across the most secluded corners of the internet, and now we're bringing them to you to download and play and enjoy.
In this part, the main heroes and selectable characters are Ryu Hoshi from Street Fighter and Vanessa, who we know from The King of Fighters martial arts tournament. Their collective tandem will have to deal with all the other contenders from the two franchises - that of Street Fighter and that of KoF.
The game is built in the style of Final Fight. The main feature here is that it is very long-lasting. Gaming lasts over 3 hours. It is also quite difficult.
The game had some flaws that interrupted the gameplay. We removed them and made some adjustments. Removed some enemies like Leona and repositioned Rugal which was also hampering gameplay. 

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Developer: Nosbor
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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