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Balance of Power - OpenBoR

Balance of Power is a very good game that had some compatibility issues with the engine version. However, we managed to correct them.
In short, the ''judith'' enemies are now moving, not statically placed in a certain position.

The game is actually great - one of the best OpenBoR guild offerings you can find. It has a total of 3 game modes, which are unlocked after playing the previous one.
It will take you to a mythical world of wizards and wars, and your mission will be to restore balance of power to the universe.
The three missions lead you to Clone Clobber, Zombie Slaughter and Endurance Battle. These are three separate dimensions that you will have to free from intruders.

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Author: LBF
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Engine: OpenBoR
 - Fixed version: Ready to Play
 - Original .pak: Ready to USE - need engine OpenBoR Build_4086

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