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⭐👉 Alien vs Predator OpenBoR [by Zvitor]

It's no surprise that some of the best games carry the Zvitor brand. An excellent programmer who, although an amateur, has focused his endeavors on producing OpenBoR games. We are happy to present to you his work, with which he delights his fans.
Alien VS Predator is a modern OpenBoR remake of the old Capcom game of the same name.
In addition to the retold story, however, it is also present with its highly presented author's arrangement (this makes Alien VS Predator and Zvitor interesting for collectors as well).
You'll notice that Superman and Batman have now been added to the character menu. However, this is still a BETA version of the game and generally good innovations are still to be added.
We have tested the game and we can assure you that it works flawlessly and its qualities are the best in the genre.

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Aliens vs Predator OpenBoR Game - Author Info
You can also join the development of Zvitor's new projects by visiting his Patreon Account.
In addition to ideas, suggestions and participation in the new projects, you will be able to make your presence known through your logo or nickname in the final inscriptions of the game makers.
Or immerse yourself in the interesting atmosphere of game development by joining his YouTube channel.
The information is just indicative - you will get exact information only in Zvitor's author account on Patreon.

Installation: Download => unzip => play

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