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Farm Clash 3D | FPS

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Farm Clash 3D is one of the best shooters dedicated to the Wild West. Our well-known shotguns are your main weapon. Your brave cowboys are being attacked by enthusiastic Indians and your farm is under fire and you have to defend it.
The animation is great and the battles are perfect, the control over the fighters is excellent, but it's always good to have an up-to-date browser through which to play this shooter.
The teams are represented by six people, and there is no front on the battlefield and there is a lot of chaos. You can be ambushed at any time.
The rifles are powerful but still the enemy is quite durable. However, you can improve the qualities of your weapons by using the dashboard for improvements. Resource will collect ice every battle won. As a key player, you have the honor of leading the team. Victory depends on your skillful game.
Farm Clash 3D is a first-person shooter WebGL that you can play online directly from your browsers without installation.

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