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Super X-Men Children of the Atom 3.0

Super X-Men Children of the Atom 3.0

 Super X-Men Children of the Atom 3.0 by EndMyInitials is a very interesting game. Among the Marvel superheroes, the hero of Akuma has been added here. The Street Fighter character performs very well in battle against his opponents from the world of gifted superpowers, strange hero. Although Akuma also possesses immense abilities, they are the embodiment of human will and aspiration, and not of a chaotic impulse of the universe to pour its natural asymmetry on a few.
Akuma is a very practical choice and universal in nature. But if you want to win easily, you can use Ultron. This imposter robot was originally designed as part of the Avengers armada and created by Dr. Hank Pym, but because of the abilities of his artificial intelligence, he lived his own life in countries other than those of his creators. Its main mission is to improve its own qualities. In this way, Ultron becomes one of the best fighters in the galaxy. Its power and versatile qualities make it one of the most combative superheroes, and the model used by Mugen makes it one of the most practical choices to play.
Super X-Men Children of the Atom 3.0 by EndMyInitials actually offers a set of 90 different players. Among them are several varieties of Spider-Man, much of the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and many others

Akuma-spider-man 2099-super x-men

 This game has been created by  EndMyInitials and mugen society.

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