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World Heroes Perfect Jet—Ikemen Edition

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Game World Heroes Perfect Jet—Ikemen Edition—Complite, also known as World Heroes Perfect Jet, is an Ikemen-Go engine system game. It's a perfect replica of the fighters from our familiar World Heroes Perfect series, launched for Neo Geo in 1995, and World Heroes 2 Jet, released a year earlier.
In this unofficial Ikemen-Go compilation, you can experience the famous characters and their unique combat in a nostalgic style. In addition, an interactive background has been created, similar to the original, where you can break everything or to fall into a trap [fire, electric, or sharp points]. Nonetheless, it creates the sense that some characters have whole new talents. Neo Geegus is one such character. He can morph into several heroes, but only from KoF.
This detracts little, from the heart of the game, but the fans will not be bored. In the menu, all 16 originals are listed with their actual skills.
Hanzo, Fuuma, Muscle Power, Captain Kidd, Erick, Ryofu, Mudaman, Rasputin, Janne, Dragon, Brocken, J. Max, Jack, Shura, Ryoko, и разбирасе J Carn.
You must win the game with the help of these combatants. The gameplay is not challenging, yet it is engaging and unpredictable. The numerous swarm traps scattered throughout the arena make it simple to lose your edge.
We tested the game, and we can assure you that Brocken is the most user-friendly. His lengthy blows can easily trip opponents' ears long before they reach you.

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Developer: Lasombra demon, BDC and OldGamer and GramAllington "Josuff Claymore"
Engine: Ikemen-Go
Type: Game/Remix/Crossover:
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play
Also: Developer's; Old Gamer [YouTube Channel]; JusMUGEN [ForumMotion]

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