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Street Fighter 1 by Pilgrimmugen [Ikemen-Go]

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From this stall on our blog, you can download the Street Fighter 1 Ikemen-Go game. 

A great game from Pilgrim. Inspired by Nexus Gaming and Sil3nt J, he created an excellent remake of the story of the fighting tournament Street Fighter 1. This time, a number of features from the Final Fight game have been added to the game. In this way, the number of fighters doubles to a fantastic 28 characters, which is a truly big team for Street Fighter 1.
A new character in the game has also been added; this is Go Hibiki. He is Dan Hibiki's father and is actually an incredible Buraiken master. Unlike Dan, Gou's abilities are perfect, and they significantly exceed those of Ryu and Ken.
The game is now transferred to Ikemen-Go, which makes the game more proficient.
Many fighters are gifted with new terms and combat techniques, which makes the gameplay interesting.

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Author: Pilgrim [YouTube]
More: Game Forum Page
Type: Game/Remake/Remix
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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