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Art of Fury [Art of Fighting vs. Fatal Fury] Ikemen

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The game we are about to present is called Art of Fury and is powered by the Ikemen-Go engine.
Once again, this engine is shown to be the most promising for driving fighting games among its similar competitors. Excellent stability and exposure of the characters present and background. Modern settings operator. Excellent synchronization between individual elements. These are just some of the good feats that make this game stand out.
As the title suggests, Art of Fury is a collectible format of the Art of Fighting vs. Fatal Fury, which contains these games.
There are a total of 26 separate characters from the two sagas in the pick-up menu. Some of the characters have their own dubbed versions, with Ryo Sakazaki appearing as Mr. Karate and Yuri Sakazaki as Miss Karate. A duplicate character is also owned by Terri Bogard, who rides under the nickname Wildwolf. Also present as hidden characters are Geese Howard, who is hidden behind the image of Krauser, and behind Yamazaki there is another manic hero named Laurent.
The gameplay in Art of Fury: Ikemen-Go is very interesting and fulfilling. Although the game looks new and modern, the developer has managed to capture the original and authentic spirit of SNK. You will also notice that the avatars are drawn in a new style entirely by the creative team working on this project.

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Developer: IRONMUGEN [YouTube Channel]; Developr's Website
Engine: Ikemen-Go
Type: Game/Remix/Crossover: Art of Fighting vs. Fatal Fury
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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