Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone

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fly dragon    The inspiration born of this legendary game is enormous. Authors compete to create new and new remakes.Here's another one that will delight fans.This game is dedicated to the third part of the series, four characters will fight for supremacy against the forces raging around the city. These are Lee Bros (like Billy, Jimmy), Roney, Masao and the great Taime.The graphics are basically the same. The Openbor engine, however, makes the battles easier and more dynamic and the matches are significantly improved.The game shines with great qualities, so if you are a fan of DD 3 you should try this game.
Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone is a fairly short game. In it you will be able to follow the attempts of the Lee Brothers to find all the precious stones that will reveal to them the great power of the Dragons. This is an incredible force that will be unleashed once the stones are gathered together. Of course, the road is full of challenges.
Technically, Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone is a lighter version of Double Dragon III - Dragon Stone.
Extremely limited set of special techniques, which brings this game very close to Beats of Rage. However, the gameplay is extremely easy. Your opponents are quite strong, but your characters have the advantage. However, if you do not use cheats to get extra credit, it will be quite difficult for you to play it to the end.
Once you pass all the obstacles and gather the stones together, you will unlock another level. The soul of the battle with the dragon lord. A particularly strong character whose strength surpasses that of Cleopatra and her mummies. You will unlock another character to play with and that is the pirate from the dark seas Rennes.
An attractive hero who will join your group in an attempt to defeat the dragon king.
Well, the game is great and you can play it as a warm-up for 
Double Dragon III - Dragon Stone
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