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Mad Truck Challenge Special | online extreme

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Maybe you want to push, crush, shoot, blow up your opponents!
Mad Truck Challenge Special is probably a game just for you. Great animation that can compete with very big titles.
Mad Truck Challenge Special is a game created in 2D format, animation, details and gameplay.
Many cascading elements have been added, which makes this game an extreme off-road.
Add rifles to shoot at your opponents and you will have an extreme shooter.
With each victory you will accumulate a resource through which to improve, your brtonya, weapons, shock absorbers, engine, speed, nitro, etc.
Fuel deliveries are also important for your good performance. To get an inexhaustible resource, you can first unlock the fuel tank, which will cost 10,000 gold coins from your stock.
There will also be micro missions that you will need to complete to move forward. Through them you will collect stars thanks to which you will unlock new tracks and missions.

The strategic map is very well formed, with rich decoration, which will impress even the most demanding.
A number of other surprises and bonuses await you during the long hours of play.

You can play 
Mad Truck Challenge Special, for free without installation.
This game reaches you thanks to gamemonetize.com

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