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Cargo Jeep Driver

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Cargo Jeep Driver is a fun driving game. You have to take your SUV truck and lead it to the finish line on an uneven and difficult route. This is also the base where you need to pick up your load.
The track is uneven off-road and your SUV will get quite tired. The agile chassis allows it to bounce a lot and fly over bumps, but it also makes it quite unstable. The load can easily be on the road.
You need to combine the speed and the pace so that it corresponds to the unevenness of the road and moves tightly on the ground.
There are no elegant asphalt alleys, but steep slopes and dry ravines.
The routes will become more and more difficult, but for that you have a whole set of different trucks that will help you overcome obstacles.
Cargo Jeep Driver is 2D game and uses HTML5 core. You can play directly from your browsers without installing it.
This game reaches you thanks to gamemonetize.com

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