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Train Racing | high speed locomotive

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''Train Racing'' is a great train racing on rails at unprecedented high speeds. It bounces over the hills and flies huge distances. In fact, this game is natural 2D off-road, but here the huge trucks and nimble buggies have been replaced by a hug locomotives. This is an easy and enjoyable game to play, but you will still need to master this machine.
The first locomotive is quite powerful in terms of its weight and can be easily overturned.
With the coins you collect after the whole race you can buy a new high speed locomotive. There are six such machines added and each has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the others. You can also further adjust the power and quality of the shock absorbers of the locomotives, depending on which mode of movement you like the most.
The game is very interesting and the tests with each locomotive are unique.

You can play Train Racing online without installing.

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