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CarHit.io | online car wrestling

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CarHit.io will amaze you. This is a great game produced by the AYN Games studio. Here are combined elements of high-speed racing, ultra drift, clashes for supremacy and combat.
Your motor machines are arranged in a circle in the car arena and after a signal they rush against each other. The arena mode is last car stand, and you have to choose the most practical car for you.
The machines are different, the variety offers a wide choice from sports buggies, through powerful trucks to retro vehicles or powerful sports cars.
A number of bonuses in the arena will give you an advantage, such as a shield or an ax, but you will still need to be precise. Your goal is to stay in the arena without jumping out of it, you will also have to throw your opponents off the track.
You can play 
CarHit.io for free, without installation, on your browser.
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