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Flying Cars Era | High speed racing game

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Flying Cars Era is a racing game with exceptional dynamics. Powerful high-speed cars of the future will compete in a dizzying race.
A full-fledged racing game where you have to be first to win. You can choose your own car from among a dozen perfectly fitting vehicles. Each of which is gifted with hyper speed and the ability to fly. Each car has its own characteristics and you will have to use them to win.

This simulation contains several different game modes, with free drive being particularly interesting. On an unknown distant planet, in a richly decorated world, you will be able to embark on a dizzying race through the vast depths of this bizarre place. You will be able to collect the necessary crystals through which to get a more powerful car. It is important to note that the cars of the future are not only super fast but also capable of flying, so part of your route will be in the air.
Extremely captivating atmosphere that will make you fans on this high speed racing game.
Flying Cars Era is a free online game that you can play online, directly from your browsers, without installation.

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