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Ninja Arashi | Best of the Best

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This is one of the best online games you can play on both tablet and PC.
Game of Shadows or Ninja Arashi. 2D game designed as beat 'em up, shoot' em up, adventure. An amazing combination of a mystical world of Japanese folklore and legends.
Ninja Arashi is also a quest, with many hidden niches and traps. A suitable development tree where your weapons will gain more and more power.
The game requires you to be focused and dedicated. You may have to go through a new one a few times to learn its best.
Shoot 'em up means that your character is adapted to eliminate his opponents by shooting, which is his main weapon in the game.
The graphical implementation of the game is one-line 2D but they use the latest technologies, so the game has excellent qualities.
Ninja Arashi can be played directly online from your browser. No installation required.
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