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Incredible City Monster Hunk Hero Survival

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A city conquered by zombies. Terrible mutants roam the ruined buildings. The world is in ruins, people have disappeared, and now ferocious humanoids rule the world.
A toxic mutagen turns people into zombies, and the survivors have left the city.
Fortunately, another scientist has long discovered a powerful aperitif that also changes people by imparting rough but supernatural qualities. What you know about the amazing Hulk, for example.
Some people return to the city, but already modified. Fearless and invulnerable to toxins, they set out to drive the scary zombies out of the city.
Incredible, City Monster Hunk Hero Survival is an excellent game illustrated in detail, and the maps are wide and varied. The style is beat 'em up, and like the Hulk, your jumps are super strong, they crash the ground and eliminate opponents at once.
This game is online 3D WebGL and you can play it without installing.
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