Streets of Rage 2X - 2.1

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Streets of Rage 2X Game Forum by Kratus                   

Max in the DocksThis version of the game is definitely the classic look of the streets of rage.Definitely the game is easy and the bugs are fixed.there are changes in energy collection, and when using special techniques, it is generally more difficult and you need to be more accurate.An energy shield has been added to withstand some of the enemy's blows.These innovations look like a complex tangle and are intricately organized. However, there is an additional menu from which you can adjust the characteristics of the game to your liking.The main players are Blaze, Aleks, Sammy and Max, the rest will have to be unlocked. There is an additional menu where you can get all the opponent's characters and play with them.

The game Streets of Rage 2X has been created by  Kratus  and OpenBoR society 

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