Streets of Rage 2X Megamix - 3

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Streets of Rage 2X Megamix - 3 downloadThe next addition to the Streets of Rage 2X Megamix saga is the third version.
Here the great Zangiev is replaced by mighty Brian. Powerful player, characterized by strength and crushing grips.
With him come and: Rayne she is a fighter wielding weapons - sharp swords.
The fiery Kyo - the leader of K.O.F.
The beautiful Hikaru - amazingly resembling Blaze.
The mystical Wesker - his powers are incredible, almost ghostly.
Stella - she is another armed fighter using swords and does not look like a human.
Also present: Nariko, the extravagant Juri, the well-known ShIki, Luis, the powerful Makoto and the Minori pixie.
The game features excellent HD graphics and quality animation. the controllers are well synchronized, the game runs smoothly and there are no flaws.

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