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Kirby Super Star [Super Nintendo]

Defined by critics as the best game in the Kirby series and as a game you have to own[1], Kirby Super Star has become one of the emblems of Nintendo.
The Kirby Super Star presented himself to the world back in 1996 as a game for the 16-bit console of the Super Nintendo.
Although the game brings the traditions of its predecessors, such as Super Mario or Super Contra, it brings us into a much more colorful, interesting, and fabulous world.
The main character Kirby is a native of the planet Popstar and the state of Dreamland. His adventures take him to many fabulous places and localities, where he saves the world and even the universe.
In the Super Star, his adventures are presented in seven different missions that you need to play and two additional MINI games that diversify your Dreamland.
In its nature, each mission is a separate game, with its own history, plot, final boss, and many bizarre enemies to win. The main weapon of Kirby is his ability to inhale enemies or their arrows and fly. Now, however, in Kirby Super Star, he can attract his enemies as allies and even absorb their abilities. This significantly changes Kirby—it becomes a knight, beak, bomberman, fire-shaped bike of a tire, and a bunch of fantastic things. However, it retains its ability to fly, inflating like a cloud.

With all this interesting and colorful arrangement, the authors of Halken [HAL Laboratory] have made sure the game is presented with a diverse musical accompaniment. These are a huge amount of sounds, tunes, and special sound effects, and you hear the same musical accompaniment twice, which is great.

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Author:  Halken [HAL Laboratory]
Publisher: Nintendo
Type: Game
Genre: Action/ Beat 'em Up

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