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Brutal: Paws of Fury [SNES]

Remember the game for Super Nintendo, Brutal: Paws of Fury, which was created by GameTek?
The Brutal Island Tournament is held on an unknown and unexplored island. Once every four years, the worst and most skilled fighters from around the world gather to challenge the Dali Llama champion, who also holds the title of Belt of Heaven. The contenders for the prize are anthropomorphic animals and representatives of various exotic species. Each fighter possesses combat skills that best fit his animal form. In your way, you will meet better and more skilled fighters who will make it almost impossible to win. Fortunately, for every three rounds, you will also be able to learn new skills to help you in the battles. You will have a workout with instructions and three attempts to learn the special combination of moves.
You will need to mush them through a system of special moves you need to introduce through your joystick.

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Author:  GameTek
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Super Nintendo [SNES]
Type: Retro Game
Genre: Fighting / Versus
Status: Ready to Play
Additional: If you want to play the game on a computer you should use PC Emulator

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