X-men Hunter for Mutants

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OpenBoR Game with Werewolf Hero

X-men Hunter for Mutants is another game dedicated to X-Men. quite a long game that uses the desktop of Beats of Rage and is transferred to widescreen tape. You will notice the characteristic MUGEN animation in every aspect of the game.
Although located on a widescreen bar, the figures look quite large and they fill the screen.
At your disposal are presented four players that you can use for the game are ShadowCat, Werewolf, PsyLocked, Nightcrawler and later in the game you will be able to get Sabertooth.
similar to the original game, and here the characters are limited by many different combat combinations. However, you will notice that they can accelerate, have an extra look of impact and have a special stroke. In addition, Sabertooth performs much better. Nerg skills involve a number of special moves.
The story is quite interesting. Dr. K's army of sentinel brigades and robots attacks New York to clear it of mutants. For their landing, they use another technology to multiply their armies. This is cloning. Through it, they will capture the strengths of X-men and multiply them many times over. Our brigade, led by the Werewolf, is struggling to stop the invasion of the sentinels. With the accession of Sabertooth, the forces are equalized.
In general, this is a very intense, dynamic and difficult game, which suggests that you will play it with interest.

X-men Hunter for Mutants is produced by OpenBoR society and Kerubinsutein.

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