Vampires Rage - Hide

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Vampires Rage - Hide

Vampires Rage - Hide is a good game created by openbor society and released for free download. Like all products produced by openbor, this game is free to play for its fans.
The story follows the adventures of brave heroes from Japan. These are the adventurer Sion, the knight Sol, the Mystical K, the kung fu master Hotaru, as well as the daring Hanaya. They follow in the footsteps of an enigmatic vampire that roams the human world. His fear armies reissue and overflow into the world of men.
The game is quite difficult and interesting. Vampires Rage - Hide uses the production Beats of Rage produced by Senile as a basis for its desktop, and the new mod is added by Vanity Corp. More than an hour of exciting game maps, performed with surrealism.

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