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How to play - Knights & Dragons by LNS ?

Magnificent, fantastic, amazing!
...Well that is very good.
Dungeons & Dragons - Knights & Dragons - The Endless Quest - LNS is a great game that will surpass your understanding of a good time.
Long hours of captivating gameplay and adventure. With the help of the OpenBoR engine, LNS Enthusiasts have created a new story for us. The time of knights, wizards and dragons, mystical creatures.
Dungeons & Dragons - Knights & Dragons - The Endless Quest - LNS is an intertwined world. The characters of several sagas come together in one common story. General adventure and missions.
Each mission is inherently a new game. As many as three arcade scenarios are waiting to be unlocked by their players.
These are "The King of Dragons", "The Tower of Doom" and "Shadow over Karameikos" and the extensive campaign "The Endles Quest".
Unlike standard arcade missions, The Endles Quest is an open and extensive map, where solving quests of varying complexity will lead you to victory and unlock new characters for you.
The Endles Quest has a few special features that you will need to learn. Initially, your characters start the game from a very low level. This means that they are very weak and their special moves are minimized. You will need to collect experience from the jewels along the way to increase your power. Different quests on the map have different difficulty and like Heroes of Might and Magic, you will have to collect experience from cities whose armies have lower difficulty.

The technical performance of Dungeons & Dragons - Knights & Dragons - The Endless Quest - LNS is at the top level. The gameplay is unique, and Excellent synchronization makes the battles really tense.
The new kingdoms you have to visit are inhabited by various strange creatures. Some of them are from well-known stories, but others are completely new.
The adventurous nature of the game is a leading factor. Here the total and meaningless action will give way to the needs of a good story.
The animation is colorful. Dungeons & Dragons - Knights & Dragons - The Endless Quest - LNS uses an extremely rich arrangement of scenes and sets. They are all perfectly matched and you will not go off the field while playing.

In general, Dungeons & Dragons - Knights & Dragons - The Endless Quest - LNS is a very interesting game that you will want to save and replay for a long time. 

This game has been produced by OpenBoR society OpenBoR, PierWolf and LNS team.

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