Street Fighter Victory

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Street Fighter VictoryStreet Fighter Victory is a very short and easy game created for you by the OpenBoR and Bilie Games community.
Although many in number, as many as nineteen, the missions are quite short.
This game is based on the Beats of Rage platform, and the main characters have been replaced by those from Street Fighter.
You can choose between, Ken, Ryu, Guile and Chun lii.
The story involves defeat, the evil hero, Evil Ken. This is the materialized ego of Ken whose power surpasses the familiar qualities of the characters. Evil Ken fights on the side of M. Bison and is a major part of his army.
The game starts with five credits per player, but thanks to the "load game" function you will be able to reload and restart the current level with five credits.

Street Fighter Victory does not need to be installed, you can unzip it and play directly from the included OpenBoR console. If necessary, you can copy the file with the extension "pak" from the paks folder of the game and paste it in another copy of OpenBoR in the appropriate folder.

Creator - Bilie Games as part of the OpenBoR community.

 Street Fighter Victory is a remix of BoR. 

Download ===>> Unzip ===>> play
Installation : Download OpenBoR First ===>> copy the pak.file|''download'' of the game ===>> paste it into the paks folder of your OpenBoR ===>> play

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