SAINT SEIYA - Soldiers' Darkness

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SAINT SEIYA openbor DANIELE SPADONI's presence in the world of OpenBoR stands out for its own artistic style. The author is not just part of the classical set. His works have their own handwriting.
SPADONI brings us another Free to Play story. This is the story of the adventures of the knights of the saint SAINT SEIYA.
The game does not add complex elements or combined gameplay. Extremely clean beat 'em up, no commbos, and special moves are kept to a minimum.
Battles with major bosses are also elementary. However, you will have to be very precise. You can either eliminate the enemy with a powerful burst of energy or he can eliminate you just as easily.
SAINT SEIYA - Soldiers' Darkness is also presented with excellent animation. This quality will gather many fans. Detailed world - clean shapes and extremely richly decorated decors.
Great show, which may lack more attractive gameplay and dynamics.

SAINT SEIYA pegasus cloth

SAINT SEIYA - Soldiers' Darkness is based on myths and legends of ancient Greece. The gods - these powerful beings have left people part of their knowledge. The constellations representing the different zodiac signs actually carry with them enormous power. Brave knights are called to gain this incredible power. Humans become equal to other divine creatures, and thus begins the eternal opposition of mythical beings and human heroes.

This game game has been produced by OpenBoR society and Daniele Spadoni

Installation : Download OpenBoR First ===>> Download the pak.file of the game ===>> paste it into the paks folder of OpenBoR ===>> play

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