Rushing Beat Remake

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rick norton and ozzie nelson

One of the best classic games for OpenBoR, and Rushing Beat remake is a game with supreme refinement. The directing of the original game is also given in this remake for OpenBoR and so, we already have a great work, which combines the uniqueness of the old classics with the new technologies.
Like all OpenBoR games, the Rushing Beat remake is free to play and is open for remodeling.
The game is spectacular, filled with spectacular matches. The quality of the boring beat 'em up here has been replaced by a large set of tricks and improvisations. Each battle is different.
The mechanics are a lot like Double Dragon. Although intense, the battles are not crowded with enemies. You will usually have to fight one to three opponents at a time. But on the other hand, you will have to make an effort for each one and apply the right technique to beat him. The Beat 'em Up genre, offers many opportunities for improvisation and combination. Here the main place is occupied by wrestling techniques and those of karate. When you are not using the rich set of cold steel and firearms, you will have to apply all your skill in hand-to-hand combat.
The game has some innovations but brings a pronounced, early classic look. The animation from years ago is quite different from the standards known today, but on the other hand the quality, dynamics and structure of the gameplay are unique.
It was hit games like this that later set the standards for Beat 'em Up.
Your main players are two. These are Rick Norton and Ozzie Nelson, so you can choose between agility and strength. This is what characterizes these two characters. In fact, Ozzie Nelson, with his spectacular wrestling skills, is the more interesting character of the two.
You can count on ten credits to continue after beating you or to exchange players.
However, the additional features of the OpenBoR console will allow you to add an unlimited credit limit, which will greatly facilitate you.

Evil Dead Redux
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