Rhythm Of Destruction 2 - Return Of Geese

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ROD2 Return Of Geese

Very good games from Gary. Standing under the pseudonym Gary Smith introduced us to several new titles. The current one is Rhythm Of Destruction. This is a mod to the Beats of Rage game and generally uses its features. However, characters such as Shingo, Maki and Kyosuke have been added, as well as a whole series of excellent improvements, such as special punches and combos.
However, the game is rather entertaining, with a low level of difficulty, and the mechanics of the gameplay are with low detail. Your heroes move quickly and dynamically and their blows knock down enemies with ease.
The variety of characters will satisfy you, as here are gathered characters from several different sagas, Final Fight, SNK, School Rivals.
An attractive arcade campaign with a torrent of opponents climbing at once. A lot of action, where your special skills will easily take over.
The game has some drawbacks, but overall it will satisfy your claims of a good game.

You can download Rhythm Of Destruction 2 - Return Of Geese from the link we offer and have fun. 

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