Rhythm Of Destruction 2 World Of Rage Yamaetc

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ROD2 Return Of Geese

Very good title from Gary Smith and OpenBoR society. Rhythm Of Destruction 2 World Of Rage Yamaetc is a great game. Some of the characters you can choose to be much stronger than others. The combination of combat techniques and a variety of enemies, conveys to this game a very dynamic atmosphere. World Of Rage Yama etc. uses the creative plot of Beats of Rage, but improvements have been added that make the game different. Many grips and special punches can be use in battle, and the characters have their own unique style of fighting. Like most games created by the OpenBoR community, here you can customize the menu to your liking. You can also add an unlimited number of credits, as well as other additional settings. Although, Rhythm Of Destruction 2 World Of Rage Yama is not particularly difficult, the good qualities come from the dynamics that are characteristic of good action.
About an hour of play, but you'll want to replay it with all the suggested characters.

Rhythm Of Destruction 2 World Of Rage Yamaetc is produced by OpenBoR society.

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