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Kunio Kun

One of the best legendary stories, that of Kunio Kun and his gang, martial arts masters, embodied in an OpenBoR game. A game of miniatures, which, however, are extremely spectacular. The characters practice different types of martial arts and you can also change your characters on each new chapter. This makes the game extremely diverse and exciting. You will play with interest.
Kunio Kun's gang also includes his companion Riki, the master of taekwondo Misuzu, who is also quite strong. Karateka Johnny and Boxorut Raphael will come to their aid.
More than an hour of play and several additional missions await you with Kunio Kun LA. The game has excellent qualities and you will play with great interest.
Interface is in Japanese, but it won't bother you. The game is beat 'em up, and the lines are just decoration.

This free game has been produced by OpenBoR society

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