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Evid dead redux-free game to download

Oh great! Let me introduce you to the game Evil Dead Redux on thatcherproductions.com
Although horror, Evil Dead Redux is full of demon fear, this OpenBoR game is more like a dynamic action quest.
The game is so good that even with about two hours of active gameplay, it will seem too short. Although there are three alternative development paths and a bunch of special moves to learn and master during the game, this great desktop offers a great base for development and improvement.
Although the author has used the available consumables from various previous games, the combinations and arrangements are so innovative that from these original markers, a whole series of new game with unprecedented plots can be born.

What does the game involve? Demons, zombies, strange creatures, ghosts, a chainsaw and a lot of French boxing. You will travel around the from a very strange world. Forests full of aliens and fleeing ghosts, houses full of ghosts.
Different portals will take you on a journey through time, consciousness or other worlds.
And ... the game is quite interesting and we hope for a sequel, similar to Final Fight LNS Ultimate or Night Slashers X - Rebalance, because this portfolio is still new for OpenBoR, and has a lot of potential.

Evil Dead Redux
is produced by OpenBoR society and Thatcher Productions.

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