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Nobu and Tamanegi in Einbine weekdays

The master of 8-bit animation kt 住 江 once again delights us with a wonderful game.
Einbine weekdays, inferior in capacity to Infinity Beat 'em up v0.04, but it contains all the main markers characteristic of the work of kt 住 江.
Dynamic miniatures endowed with exquisite mobility and dynamics. Very good work.
The characters are limited to: Nobu - an exquisite master of martial arts, who is hardened in street battles. In addition to the standard combat techniques, he also uses several special hit combinations. A fierce, speedy raid with blows to the enemy or a powerful slap through which he overthrows his opponents at once. Overall a short game, but very interesting. Reminiscent of consoles from a quarter of a century ago, but without their shortcomings.
Another character you can use is Tamanegi. Karateka, who also has enviable skills in wrestling. In addition to the powerful kicks, you will be able to use several powerful super grips. Stumbling block with a flying suplex, which, in addition to being very powrfull, has a collateral demige. Another hit is the "falling leaf" known from wrestling, which is also very powerful. To unlock Tamanegi you will need to play the nobu game with Nobu.
Einbine weekdays was created using the OpenBoR engine. The engine management console also provides you with the system options menu through which you can get additional credits to your game. This will make it much easier for you, because although easy, this game requires mastery to play.

Einbine weekdays is produced by OpenBoR society and kt 住 江.

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